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360 Degree Photography

Take your product photography to the next level and offer your website users the immersive world of 360 photography. A 360 lets your browsers see all around your product. No more do browsers have to click through image after image ( if they are there) to find the view they want. Buying online is a matter of trust and using 360’s show you have nothing to hide. 360’s are normally produced in an HTML format, but can also be produced as an Adobe Flash swf file.  .gif animations are quick and easy to add to most websites. They spin continuously and no user input is required.



Need more control and features then a standalone 360 player is required and will need uploading via FTP to your website. This example has a full screen zoom option that really emphasises your product.

How’s it done

Each 360 degree photography  view is created using a robotic turntable linked to a camera and a computer.  Software on the computer triggers the camera to take a picture which is then transferred to the computer, after a short delay the turntable automatically rotates and the process repeats.    We have found that by rotating the turn table 10 degrees and producing 36 images per 360 product spin gives a fairly smooth effect with very little jumping between images.  Increasing the number of shots per rotation results in smoother spins but increases the files size and therefore download time.
After the shots are captured each of the 36, 360 degree photography images is are checked and corrected if necessary.  Images can then be supplied just as 36 images for you to use your own 360 software or we can provide ready to upload 360 degree photography plugins for your website, for a small fee we can also host your 360’s.