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Wedding Photographer East Sussex

I have lived in or around Heathfield East Sussex since moving to the UK from South Africa in 1988. I know the are a pretty well and have had the privilege of photographing weddings in venues thought East Sussex. I actually cover the whole of the uk and have been commissioned to cover in weddings in Europe. There are countless wedding venues in East Sussex ranging from the registry offices and town halls to grand stately home and castles. That’s without mention the hundreds of churches in the area. As a wedding photographer in East Sussex I get to see a lot of venues, behind the scenes as well as in front. I also get to the know the staff fairly well.

Below is my top 10 wedding venues in East Sussex. This list is based on a few criteria and generally are from a photographers perspective. As a photographer I would probably prefer a beautiful venue over the quality of the service, although they usually go hand in hand. I do obviously consider the whole experience and would never recommend a venue that had 1 particularly bad aspect.

Wedding Photography East Sussex

My top 10 wedding photography locations in South East England and Primarily East and West Sussex.

1) Herstmonceux Castle – This comes top of my list and has done for a number of years. There’s so much amazing about this East Sussex Castle that trying to some it up in words in hard. I have photographed weddings at a lot of castles in East Sussex, including Hever and Leeds. For me Herstmonceux Castle has the edge over these Champions of English Castles. We’ll start with the setting and well you could ask for more. I’ll let the pictures do the taking so you can see for your self but it and incredibly beautiful castle surrounded but a mote and formal/informal and walled gardens. It is the most elegant and beautiful back drop to an East Sussex Wedding I have seen. In terms of Jaw dropping wedding venues they dont come better that this. A a photographer I am always spoilt for choice when choosing locations to take pictures. everywhere you look there are photographic opportunities.

The other great thing about this Castle is the fact that it is only available during school holidays. This give’s it a bit of exclusivity which is certainly not matched by the the very reasonable cost. Unlike Hever and Leeds that are open to the public (meaning your wedding generally dosent take place until after the castle closes, 4pm ish) this means that you get exclusive all day use of the whole castle for a similar price to having a marquee wedding.

I have photographed weddings in back graden and woodland