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It really makes a difference to a portrait when everyone co-ordinates their clothes. That goes for style, patterns and colour. Remember, a quality framed portrait is as much a part of your décor as a reminder of the day. Both adults and children wearing the latest fashions can rapidly look dated. We want your portraits to be something you can cherish for years to come, so keep this in mind when choosing what to wear. Our portrait sessions are relaxed and casual, dont dress up, dress down. You may be asked to take your shoes off so think about what socks you wear.  Busy patterns should be avoided – solid colours are best. Similar tones look good, matching colours look stunning.


Girls, avoid short, tight miniskirts, and tops with no sleeves. The camera seems to absorb make-up, so wear just a little more than usual, or at least a little eye make-up and lipstick. You may find it helpful to extend your foundation cream down to your neckline. This prevents a difference in shade between your face and neck that can stand out far more apparently in a photograph than real life. Guys, if you wear black/dark trousers, wear black/dark socks and shoes. Visa versa for white/light trousers.

Children & Babies

Young children are frequently very active and it often proves difficult for them to sit still for more than a few seconds, while for babies their lives revolve around feeding and sleeping times. Remember to arrange your session at a time to suit them, avoiding as far as possible their usual feeding and sleeping times.

Bare legs and feet look really sweet on babies. Toweling nappies look more photogenic than disposable ones. Having their favourite toys to hand can make appealing shots.
White clothes are best for babies and look great on mum and dad too.
Bribing children to behave by promising or giving them sweets and fizzy drinks rarely helps. Products laden with sugars and colourings frequently have the opposite effect and are more likely to result in the session being abandoned than helping it.


They know what they look great in, so leave it up to them to choose!


Photo chromic lenses (those that go darker in bright sunlight) should be avoided for Studio and outdoor shoots. They prevent us seeing your eyes and make you look like a secret agent or an assassin!